Every day at RYTEBŁOTA RESORT & SPA, history is being created... in elegant interiors, the garden, on the beach, by the lake, we foster the creation of incredible experiences, memories, positive emotions, and the building of relationships.

Our venue is the backdrop for important family gatherings, business meetings, and special occasions at any time. In rooms and cottages, distinguished guests indulge in blissful sleep and relaxation!

RYTEBŁOTA RESORT & SPA is a place where nature is at your fingertips.

It is a celebration of Polish nature in modern design, exquisite cuisine, and spa treatments.


To make a reservation, please contact reception:

Tel: +48 56 493 93 98 or +48 507 848 895

Email: biuro@ryteblota.pl


We offer our guests a wide range of accommodation options tailored to individual needs – rooms, apartments, wooden holiday cottages, Lake View, and Villa Rytebłota. Simply choose the date and stay option to enjoy a free moment, relaxing in the forest by Lake Zbiczno. We encourage our guests to take advantage of the comfort and benefits of eco-friendly leisure in the heart of the Brodnicki Landscape Park and Natura 2000 Area. Feel welcome to our lake-view apartments, rooms with equally charming views of the lake and forest, as well as holiday cottages directly by the water.
The surroundings of Rytychbłota feature magnificent nature, with a rich terrain shaped during the Baltic glaciation. The characteristic ribbon lakes of the Brodnickie Lakeland provide an unforgettable attraction for kayakers, water enthusiasts, and anglers who are drawn to the pike season and other freshwater fish. Are you looking for interesting routes for a kayak trip? Or perhaps biking and trekking paths? We invite you to our rental of water equipment and mountain bikes – in our area, there are many fascinating places to explore.


Rytebłota Resort & SPA is a place of unique character where cuisine is a passion for creation. The menu features fresh and organic products supplied by local producers. The dishes not only satisfy the appetite but also provide new taste experiences resulting from the combination of traditional Polish culinary recipes with modernity.
Restaurant, café, and bar operate seasonally – details available at the reception: biuro@ryteblota.pl +48 56 493 93 98, +48 507 848 895


Rytebłota Resort & SPA is the perfect place for an outdoor wedding, by the lake, or in a forest garden. It is an ideal venue for family celebrations, communion parties, baptisms, birthdays, and anniversaries. Let us create unforgettable moments and beautiful memories for you…

Indulge in some leisure time away from the everyday hustle! Relax in the tranquility of the forest, spend time with family and friends.

spa and rehabilitation

Explore our proposal for relaxation in the heart of the forest. A massage with aromatic oils, herbal stamps, or an exotic Thai massage will help you unwind and recharge for the next life challenge! Plan your stay today and book treatments in advance. We invite you!


Rytebłota Resort & SPA is the dream location for an outdoor wedding, by the lake, or in a forest garden. It is the perfect venue for family celebrations, communion receptions, baptisms, birthdays, and anniversaries.


Quality requires experience, and business demands a special setting. Are you looking for a venue for conferences, events, or team building in the middle of a forest by the lake?


Explore the surrounding area with us. Let us transport you to the times of valiant knights at the Teutonic Castle. Uncover the secrets of wine production. Discover the beauty of Polish nature, paddle with us in a kayak.

Hiking trails ideal for Nordic walking

Ski lift from Kurzeja Góra


Mysterious bunkers in the forest

Brodnica Lake District

Bobrowska observation tower

Winter swimming

Bicycle paths for bicycle trips

Swimming in lakes and rivers

Swimming on SUP boards

Wine tasting at the Sztolcman Vineyard

Horse riding at the Okser Stable

Medieval fun in Grod Foluszek

Kayaking, sailing trip